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Hollywood Slinky

The Hollywood Slinky has been role playing for nearly twenty years. He began with the original Marvel Comics ‘red/yellow/green’ percentile system, and went on to help found a national organization of LARPs. He’s founded two LARP chronicles  and enjoys tabletopping Star Wars (WEG d6 style), Serenity, the occasional D&D and the Dresden Files system. His favorite system, however, is White Wolf, favoring Werewolf: the Apocalypse.

He’s lived in Los Angeles, Chicago and Chattanooga. The Slinky is currently a public relations specialist for a multi-million dollar healthcare corporation and lectures on topics such as social media, crisis communication, film appreciation, storytelling (gaming and non-gaming) and role-playing games. He attended film school at Columbia College in Chicago and  has a beautiful wife (AMC Mike), a gorgeous daughter (Dak, who feels like she could take on the whole Empire herself) and a goofy basset hound named Trixie (who wishes she had some film reference in parenthesis after her name but doesn’t).

The Slinky’s favorite food is hot dogs, alcoholic beverage of choice is tequila and current television obsession is Community. In his spare time he serves on the executive board of the Cleveland Media Association, hosts the WOOP 99.9FM radio show Lights Camera Cleveland, eats cool ranch Doritos and taunts Travis Beacham.