Hints, tips, advice and wisdom for players and runners of role-playing games


The original, print versions of Chop Shop zine

Chop Shop began as a self-published ‘zine in Chicago, Illinois in 2001. Circulation was almost 100 copies per issue, and the small publication focused on topics that players of role playing games found useful and interesting. With readers as far away as Florida, West Virginia and Minnesota, Chop Shop Zine covered everything from costuming to snack recipes players can serve at game. Now online, Chop Shop features stories from all aspects of role-playing gaming. Advice for improving player relations, suggestions on better storytelling and playing, character strategies, overall ideas to help improve the gaming experience and much more! We focus not only on tabletop role-playing games, but we also deal with topics unique to LARPing, MUSHing and boffer weapon games.